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Donni-Jay De-Ville
Hello Visitors!

I assume you are reading this because you have kindly popped in to write a hello to me! So, I want to thank you in advance!

Should you want to talk or discuss anything with me, please join the free FORUM in here, and write a message/comment. I shall respond EVERY TIME, I promise! This is an interactive site! AND, I have become an 'Agony Aunt' OR, should that be an ex-Agony Aunt? So share your problems, within reason, lol!

I hope you navigate around the site and enjoy what I have for you. If some of the news is too worrying, you need to remember, that knowledge is the only way to keep your FREEDOM! If you need re-assurance immediately, please click on this link;

Where you can read and almost immediately feel the stress leaving you! It is my own work, and it's helped me to feel better (each time I read it) after studying/researching these last three years, what on earth is happening, literally!)

If you want more to read, (as I'm getting this site up and running still) in humerous, uplifting, moralistic and some of my almost unbelievable auto-biographical stories, please visit me at; www.donnideville.com  which is the sister site and already packed full of my stories.

Thanks for visiting and signing, and PLEASE make this a favourite site to visit often! I will update regularly and will be looking out for you!

(If you want to read about a certain topic, let me know. I generally have a smattering of most things that go on! lol!)

All the best,
Take care and stay safe!
Donni-Jay x

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