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MY ARTICLE: Nov 10th 2016
The vaccines are so dangerous, that I have to Tweet the information like mad, and probably specialise in this for a few days at least! Otherwise many are going to die!! You know how many keep on having vaccines the minute doctors or publicity tells them to. People are like sheep and OBEY so-called qualified workers, without question or research, damn them! Outside pharmacies, there are adverts telling people to have vaccines! And, now an EXTRA strong one for older folk! AND, pregnant women have been advised to get vaccines also!

This latest is an executive order from Obama, to ensure the world is free from disease! That is what he says. Core Global health security against biological threat. This vaccine is multi-country and will respond to infectious disease threats!

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CREATE A FLU DISEASE VACCINE, AS IT REPLICATES ALL THE TIME, AND THE FLU JAB IS MADE TWO YEARS IN ADVANCE!!!   But the flu shot DOES give many the flu! With other poisonous ingredients injected into the body.

 High dose vaccine for older people also have adjutants. Made by Securis, owned by CSL Ltd., the director, Dr Tadec Omeda, had a previous job as President of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and Clinton Health Act Initiative. (Depopulation started a while back)

As we know, ALL the vaccines are to slow down, ruin or kill the immune system. The poisons either permeate the cell walls, organs, and brain and have a live germ of what is supposed to be avoided through taking this vaccine. Doctors are not trained to know what is in them, but can look at the label which is all the patients can do also. Many labels declare the vaccine can paralyze or damage in some way, but these warnings seem to be overlooked.

Doctors funding would be taken away if they refuse to use the vaccines. They are even giving the immuno suppressed patients the vaccines, and of course, the doctors and the manufacturers of the vaccines (leading to Bill Gates Foundation or his workers there) are not liable for court charges. They have literally been made exempt by Obama. This shows you how dangerous the vaccines are. Just like Gardasil, which has been proven dangerous over and over, sadly through the deaths, seizures, strokes and paralaysis of girls and the boys given this vaccine.

I've just heard on Alex Jones show from Dr Group, who is one of the most genius brains for alternative meds and vits, etc.,   They are all pushing a stronger vaccine for people over 65yrs of age, as propaganda info for this year will be the worst ever for FLU, which will kill many seniors! ALL LIES! It can spread through having THE VACCINES! And many more will die this year. All part of the genocide.

What is in this lot of vaccines, are even FASTER acting poisons than they've been giving all this time!

Some of what is in there is; Squalene, Formaldehyde, Mercury, 150mc is fatal CDC, Multiple strains, MF59c, key ingredient highly toxic 'Squalene' linked to Gulf War Syndrome, from 1999, as Anthrax vaccine. Military people used as experiments. Causes permanent side effects. These ingredients are devastating and will cause death for the older person. Also contained in the vaccine is: Polysorbate 80,
Sodium citrate dehydrate,
Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide. (CTAB) Can cause death.
HINI virus, and
contains residual canine kidney cells.

Warn all the people you know, especially the older people, NOT to take vaccines!

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Read about the vaccinated babies on the right hand side of the page.

ARTICLE BY Michelle Goldstein of Holistic Health to Go.
MUST READ TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES! (If the immune system has not been tampered with from vaccine shots in the early years, the system will help a person recover WITHOUT vaccines!)

The very first vaccine was for smallpox. It turned out to be a disaster, increasing the death rates and incidence of smallpox, while causing numerous serious side effects.

Likewise, the polio vaccine is widely credited for eliminating polio in this country, while in reality, the polio vaccine caused an increase in polio rates, which was hidden from the public by a redefinition of the polio disease.

The number of vaccines, with the health damage and deaths they cause, continues to grow.

Many of those opposed to vaccines are not opposed to the idea of preventing disease through vaccination, but want vaccines that are both safe and effective. The pharmaceutical companies have been unable to provide a single safe and effective vaccine.

Few people are aware of the fact that safe vaccines do exist. Homeopathic vaccinations have been proven to be safe, effective and inexpensive.

At first glance, a safe, cost-effective vaccination appear to be a good thing. Further investigation quickly uncovers that a low cost, effective homeopathic immunization threatens the huge profits of vaccine makers whose goals, like all corporations, are to profit as much as possible through selling their products, including vaccines, at the highest price possible.

Inexpensive, safe, effective alternative treatments in general are shunned and destroyed by our medical industry. This has been evident in the cancer industry and the widespread destruction of homeopathic practice in this country since the 1900s.

Safe Homeopathic Immunization

Within the homeopathic health community, it is well known that safe homeopathic immunizations, more commonly described as nodules or remedies, exist for most diseases targeted by conventional medicine’s vaccinations.

The following diseases can be targeted through these safe homeopathic remedies, with immunity commonly lasting for 2-4 years, but occasionally up to 10 years. 100 years of medical research confirms the effectiveness of these safe homeopathic immunizations: Some are in tablet or capsule form and can be absorbed under the tongue.

  • Chicken Pox:  Antimonium tart., Pulsatilla, Rhus tox.
  • Cholera:   Arsenicum alb., Choleratoxinum , Cuprum ac., Veratrum alb.
  • Diphtheria:   Apis, Mercurius cyan., Diphtherinum
  • Hydrophobia/ Rabies:   Hydrophobinum, Lyssinum, Stramonium
  • Influenza & Colds:   Psorinum 200c given in the fall before it becomes cold will strengthen the system against cold and flu virus;  Influenzinum et Baccilinum 200c (from Nelson’s Pharmacy, London) every 3-4 weeks during flu season greatly reduces the incidence of colds and influenza; Ocilloccocinum, 10 pellets twice a day given at the first sign of a cold or flu will often abort the infection
  • Measles:   Aconitum nap., Arsenicum alb., Morbillinum, Pulsatilla, Varicellinium
  • Mumps:   Parotidinum, Pilocarpine, Trifolium rep.
  • Pertussis/ Whooping Cough:   Cuprum met., Drosera, Vaccinum, Pertussinum
  • Pneumonia: Pneumococcinum
  • Polio:   Carbolic ac., Lathyrus sat. Physostigma, Polio (mixed nosode), Polio (Salk)
  • Rubella/German measles:   Pulsatilla, Rubella nosode
  • Smallpox:   Antimonium tart., Hydrastis, Kali cyan., Variolinum
  • Tetanus:   Ledum pal., Thuja, Tetanotoxinum;
  • Tonsillitis: Quinsy- Barita carbonica 30c given when inflammation threatens will abort the development of the inflammation [2]

Why There is NO Interest in a Homeopathic Vaccination

Our healthcare industry is run on the profit model. While many treatments do have health benefits, including saving lives, because pharmaceutical companies have such tremendous power over our healthcare, there is only interest in treatments which are profitable.

Vaccinations created by pharmaceutical companies are highly profitable. To make available to the public safe, inexpensive and effective homeopathic immunizations would threaten the tremendous profits of pharmaceutical companies who make expensive, ineffective and unsafe vaccinations. [3]

Why there are So Few Homeopathic Practitioners and Remedies Available

In the late 1800s, naturopathic and homeopathic medicine flourished in this country, with an abundance of homeopathic medical schools and practitioners. Homeopathy was recognized as a major competitor to conventional treatments, which included pharmaceutical drugs. Homeopathic medicine was effective, safe and inexpensive.

With the Flexner report, it became illegal for physicians to practice homeopathy and the majority of homeopathic medical schools were subsequently shut down.

History of Destruction of Safe, Effective and Low-Cost Cancer Cures

Other forms of medical care which have threatened profits of the healthcare industry have likewise been eliminated. Safe, alternative cancer cures have been available for the past 100 years, with many being forced out of the US due to their threat to the cancer industry.

Many treatments, originating in the US, can now be found only in Mexico and other countries. The only treatments for cancer considered legal in this country are radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. [4-6]


Safe, effective, affordable homeopathic immunizations exist for almost every illness now targeted by unsafe, costly, failed conventional vaccinations. If the goal were to provide protection from disease in a safe manner, why aren’t these safe, inexpensive homeopathic options made available to the public on a large scale?

Millions of dollars in healthcare costs would be saved by using a less expensive immunization. Most significant would be the reduction of vaccine-caused diseases including autism, asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and cancer. The health of Americans would improve in dramatic ways.

It appears therein lies the answer to the dilemma. Our healthcare is largely a medical model based on pharmaceutical care and profit. These safe, effective homeopathic immunizations would threaten the very profits and diseases which drive sick care in this country.

For More Information:

Here are two resources that may be helpful to readers wanting to learn more about homeopathic immunizations: Worldwide Choice, a group of like-minded practitioners who are trained in homeoprophylaxis, and Free and Healthy Children International, a non-profit organization “dedicated to research, education, and access to homeoprophylaxis.”

You may also wish to read How to Find a Physician to Support Your Vaccine Choice as a resource to find a homeopathic trained physician.


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About the Author:

Michelle Goldstein is a mental health therapist who is passionate about holistic health, natural healing, nutrient-dense foods and the politics that impact them. She has published articles for Natural News, VacTruth, and other health websites. All of her published articles to date can be found at her health website, Holistic Health to Go.

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