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PUTIN BEING FRAMED BY USA, UK and FRANCE / November 1st 2016
November 1st, 2016


Putin being FRAMED at UN for War Crimes in Syria Explained, framed by USA, France and the UK.

(42:49 length of video)

Don't be too alarmed. New video news (below video link) from Dr Steve Pieczenik. The Divine is on our side and the top Secret Service have been working behind the scenes. They are beginning to act now to prevent the horror of World War lll and it seems the evil ones are going to be arrested and dealt with.

Just found this out; youtube.com/watch?v=ga6Vye

(49 mins in length) You must check it out.

Breaking News, from the Secret Service and its such a relief! The divine has stepped in and so have the patriotic top guys!! Trump is getting in as President! The evil ones are already being apprehended! They will be prevented from pardoning each other. I believe we could be over the worst, and evil is going down!! All happening now, as they have gone too far with this new attempt at framing of Putin to start the war!


Internal Coup Against Hillary Clinton has begun: Red Alert

Published on Nov 1, 2016
In this breaking video Steve Pieczenik not only discusses the Clinton takeover of the United States, but reveals his face after years of staying off camera.

Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we are reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends and family: http://www.infowars.com/show


The Clinton Pedophilia Connection

The Clinton's continuing connection to Anthony Wiener, Larry Silversteins' Lolita Express, and more.  Talking about Hillary and Bill, regular raping of minors.


(10:58 length of video)

It has been said not that the election has been decided, as Hilary being the winner, regardless of if she won or not.
Soft Coup by Patriot Americans is Happening. We'll soon see what happens next!


Check out this link to read more in Steve Piecznek's other videos, some relating to the info I've given up here.  All of them are just a few mins long, apart from the videos of interviews with Alex Jones, but those are very interesting anyhow.

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