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LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF, I am Donni-Jay, born in Millionaires Row, Bishop's Avenue, (called Millionaires Row then, now known as Billionaires Row) North London, due to all the Arabs who have bought houses there. I am from a Colonial background with an ancestral home, Gwydir Castle. I am directly descended from the Wynn family, (baronets) from Sir John Wynn, who owned the Castle, in Llanrwst, North Wales, England.


     How many people have had such a brilliantly bad and good life as I have which turned into a manic, non-stop, helter skelter of action? None I would wager! From a Colonial family, with baronets on my father’s side, and an ancestral castle in North Wales, UK.

My very beautiful mother was the daughter of a Polynesian Princess
and she hated to talk about her life and family. I shared only the little she begrudgingly divulged when I could no longer contain my inquisitive mind. We never dwelt on the subject as it made my mother far too unhappy and she missed her own parents very much. I grew up with stories of grandeur and tales of the domestic staff in my Grandparents home. (I have also had a housekeeper look after me, and later employed domestic staff.

I had too many creative projects to pursue and taking time with housekeeping held me up too much.
If I had been fast and quick at this type of work I might have been pleased to get it done myself, but I was no good at it! I always wanted my own black mama, as in 'Gone with the Wind,' to personally look after me and I still hope for this. If that is not PC, it is not my fault as how else could I state what I would like?

     I lived the kind of life that might have driven some people crazy. Filled with non-stop escape plans, high and low emotions, trauma, disasters, physical and mental abuse, illnesses, emergency operations, serious illnesses, (and not only mine) guilt, grief, loss, being blamed for things I never did, but due to circumstances sometimes had to lay claim to.

     I moved house one hundred and fourteen times. (ALL the addresses have been listed and there is a story attached to each one.) I found it necessary to move home every two or three weeks, the reasons mostly, were to avoid men who stalked me once they knew me, especially, when I became somewhat of a celebrity. Take note I am not saying I was famous or world known, but I became a large fish in many smallish ponds, metaphorically speaking. It was enough for me, and sometimes, even that was too much as I am a mixture of hermit, (loving the insular life) and also a very social type person when I choose to be! 

I unwittingly became involved with the Soho Mafia when I was twenty-one years of age and amongst being privy to protection rackets, witnessed murder. Later,
circumstances lead to my being homeless with a three year old daughter, and on marrying a new husband (an almost immediate regret) became pregnant, only to find out he was a vicious criminal who I needed to escape from. This cost me my two children anyway, including the newborn who I had to walk away from when I recovered from the horrific birth in the hospital.

     My incredible life has been filled with grief, loss, highs and excitement, disasters, mental and physical pain with many escapes!  In the process, I became involved in show-business, but only to the degree I felt secure with. It has NEVER been my thing to allow responsibilities and commitments to tie me down in the world of entertainment. I have seen my share of 'false' and pretentious people, and I am not in the slightest enamoured with those who have made names for themselves. They are still ONLY people, and not necessarily ones worth becoming friends with.

nce I met Prince Charles and Lady Di face to face on the opening of the newly modernised Hammersmith Palais, London, (on their side of the red carpet and barrier). My fiance, Lambo was one of the architects who had worked on the building. Quite an interesting story, to be told later in full. Kenny Everitt, the now deceased British comedian attended 'The Prince's Trust' event, along with other celebrities.

     I have experienced many supernatural encounters and undergone an enforced exorcism performed by my doctor and two Pentecostal ministers who seemingly believed I was possessed by the devil.  The story appeared on the front page of, ‘The News of the World’ newspaper, June 4th 1978. Later two particularly incredible apparitions occurred, and I would agree to a lie detector test to prove it. I have enjoyed popularity from being on-stage for years. Seven years as a professional dancer, then off and on with bands, appearing in television adverts and walk on parts, but have struggled with agoraphobia. "Not a lot of people know that!" Unquote; Michael Caine.

     I survived with my life intact on many occasions when I should have died.  I actually saw a physical angel who appeared in our car on the back seat, when he saved my sister and myself whilst travelling in my car about to merge onto a UK Motorway. It could have turned into a fatal car accident.  Another car ordeal on the motorway, accompanied by a friend, was a near miss when something in the engine blew up and I had to struggle with the steering to keep control. That was a laser directed at my car. Some years later, and a year after my mother died, I miraculously survived a car crash that took almost three hours for firemen to cut me out of.  That should have killed or at least paralysed me.  I was also previously blown up in a gas explosion, to only mention a few of my dangerous mishaps. These are but a few of the experiences.

     Each choice was a total gamble, consisting of decisions between mostly, the worst of situations.  Futile attempts in trying to keep my two daughters, then the constant search for them, were the most painful situations for me.   Many risks did not pay off and I lived on the edge constantly. There were rapes, but I never let myself become a victim. But, I never completely lost hope or my love of entertaining people. Neither did I become bitter or paint everyone with the same brush.  However, it would have been beneficial on many occasions, if I had done just that.

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