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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCcTJjLFDE8  How to Change People.
Published on Dec 22, 2016

Garret John LoPorto, who gives the speech in the video, states: “This is exactly what we all need right now. Here is a great secret of life that you can use to change the hearts and minds of everyone in your world.” 

     ~ I,  Donni De-Ville, like many other people, have heard this type of talk before, and it is not a secret. If it worked as well and easily as Mr LoPorto states, there would be no evil in this world, as there is enough goodness in MANY people, for that to be an example to those with such wicked hearts and theoretically change them for the better. ~

Mr LoPorto also states:
“It is the inherent power in you to conjure the truth and the very best in other people.”        

      ~I,  Donni De-Ville,  strongly  disagree. This is not always possible as it depends on the degree of badness in the other person.  I give reasons below ~


I think I must be missing something here. The speaker is too intense and preachifying. Both he, and his words grate on me. He is being dramatic and over the top, like Alex Jones. The voice grew louder and louder like a Bible Thumper!

Decent parents often teach their children using similar words of wisdom, to keep them from giving up. A great many of us have mellowed, especially, over the years, after being battered, let down and hurt so many times that we learned the only way to survive life was to see the positive side and literally, let the bad parts go. In other words, deny to ourselves it happened. Push it to the back of our minds. And, expect those injustices not to curdle or cause extreme illness in our human minds and bodies, or for them not to cause the atrophy of a thyroid gland, which does happen through the pain and stress, at the same time, it ruins our immune systems which are already deliberately being poisoned. While, out in the world, the evil continues to spread and harm all who get in its way and we become victims over and over again.  

IF we managed to survive all this, without becoming bitter and wanting revenge on others, we have become better people for it, but that is not enough to change others, ONLY ourselves. And perhaps to help others who want to improve themselves. Those who preach this change cannot have gone through that much trauma in their lives, certainly not have been that badly damaged by it, or they could not rationalise in this way, or particularly think that it could be so easy to do.

When the immigrants rape, they are forgiven, shown love, protection, given welfare, but yet they continue to rape, even each other. I do not blame culture for this as there are moral people in EVERY culture. It seems that the women who have publicly stated they forgave, were raped again. What other reality example is needed here? The innocent good person or child, is destroyed. Many times over.

Or are rape victims supposed to see the good in it? What good? Or are they to enjoy being debased as a means to handle it, because they are told to see the ‘invisible’ divinity in the attacker, and that is supposed to make it all alright?

The solution is not in HOW we perceive an incident, (as the speaker tells us to do). There is only ONE true way to see it. Just as a female cannot be half pregnant. A bad thing is a bad thing.

Maybe it is only a person who has not yet been physically abused, raped or half-murdered, that can find the good in someone who has done this type of harm? But that leaves the door open for more abuse. Just ask the daughter of a man who cannot stop beating or sexually abusing his child, no matter how much they show love back to him, (usually in the hope of stopping the abuse happening again). Even though the father cries real tears asking for forgiveness in between, the ‘light’ is not drawn out to make him suddenly become decent and kind, (the speaker talked of bringing out the goodness)
. Just ask an abused person to know the truth. Ask me! The solution is to AVOID that evil person and let birds of a feather flock together. Only people who want to listen, or to learn by example, who are open and ready for change, will actually manage to do so. Spiritual people cannot and should not, be held back due to the lack of e-volvement in others.

There are degrees of guilt, pain and humiliation, but depending on what horrific experiences a person has had to suffer, due to the injustices or abuse, it is ALL traumatic and leaves scars no matter how it is dealt with. It affects the person for the rest of their lives. Just as it does a person who stands by, and is too scared to try and stop the abuse. The slate cannot be wiped clean. And yet, those very same injured people are asked to show love and find any bit of goodness in a wicked person, who has perpetrated similar crimes that they are suffering or have in the past, suffered from? Or that their loved ones have suffered from?

Can a simple apology, or act of forgiveness take away the hurt or help the trust to return? No, it is not good enough. Wanting revenge is not good either and after the deed is done, is worthless anyway. Taking away an 'evil one's' freedom is the safest method to protect the innocent. Maybe in another incarnation, they will eventually learn and evolve.

How is a person who has changed or has always been decent, going to change this barbaric type of person? Continue being abused? Allowing it? Befriend this creep and hope the attacker will suddenly feel guilt and become a decent person?

There are so many brave people, (Our President Donald J Trump is certainly one of them) his family, ordinary unassuming people, quiet people, first-responders, firemen, soldiers, veterans, the decent policemen, etc. who will try and rescue strangers and even wild animals! THEY are the most evolved ones still living here on earth and that is what I call 'spiritual', even if they have been brain-washed with religious beliefs or not. They are self-less and risk their lives, for what? To perhaps lose their own? Risking their own families losing them? No doubt these heroes are super-evolved and yet they are also at the risk of harm from the very ones Mr LoPorto is suggesting we don't see the badness in, but only the good, in the hope we can change them! What? I don't think so.

Would a man who gets raped decide not to see the disgusting attack for what it was? Any of us who have been raped, and many have been, at one time or another, YES, me too, know the blackness in those particular hearts. Looking into their staring eyes, you see NO humanity. No mercy. They appear robotic, even talk like robots, and they talk DIRTY like demons.
The human-ness is totally missing and you wonder how many minutes you have left to live. How many know that sick, paniky feeling?

Similar filthy rape talk sometimes flows from vile-mouthed people on media social sites, when they are able to be anonymous, and sit behind screens where they are not accountable. Just like a child who tortures animals and insects when small, they grow into disgusting human beings, to be avoided at all cost and from whom every other defenseless, living creature needs protecting. Being shown love and forgiveness will NOT change them at all. It just helps leave the way open for innocents to be further harmed or damaged. Such un-evolved beings, must be kept separate from innocents and from those who are aspiring to become higher vibrational beings.

What about a mother who loses her young children through running away from her violent, pedophile husband? (Proved beyond doubt when he is imprisoned for underage sex with his new girlfriend's daughter) but authorities at the time, took the children away forever and left the mother homeless? Whose injustices do we overlook here, in the hope we can draw that speck of goodness out?

There is no 'good' way to look at the evil treatment of others, people or animals, unless you are not empathetic and not the victim. No matter how we try NOT to see the evil, and get past it, we have just been demonly compromised. Or something with a life has. It is dangerous not to see where the bad is and how it might appear. Especially in these times.

And we are supposed to try and see only the ‘good’ in bad or unkind people? Who wants to hang around someone who dis-respects life, or us, to learn what was good about them? Who wants to know anyone who cares not about defending the innocents? Who would have such a lack of self-worth to want to know such a person? Who would care if that person could be helped to evolve or not? Those sub-standard humans should stay with their own type only causing damage to each other, until they learn to overcome their baseness.

We individually can change ourselves of course, especially if we have become spiritually inclined, but we still have to watch out for the many ways evil is trying to destroy us, especially, those who are trusting, forgiving and meek. We do not have the ability to change the mind of someone who enjoys his or her wickedness, as they will be thriving on it and would be immoral anyway, with something chemical missing in their brain. They can lead vulnerable and simple people astray.

When the higher consciousness is missing, wrong-doing against the laws of the Universe and Nature is easy. Evolved people will feel a sick sensation in the area of the solar plexus, on considering doing something wrong, or harmful to someone else….. The solar plexus turns over, to make us feel uncomfortable about doing it. We stop. It is impossible to go against this feeling. But, some people have no such feelings, with no contemplation of right or wrong, and no empathy to see themselves in the wounded being's place. They have no idea of what personal space is and they bulldoze their way right through our spiritual barrier.

Giving oneself up like a wounded prey is NOT the way, as it encourages similar acts to continue. Stemming it in the bud, is ALWAYS the way to stop anything evil. Being vigilant and not ignoring it, will help stop evil spread as it always does, like rotting fruit.

How many people would be tempted to invade the privacy of a partner, (the privacy of 'personal space') by spying in their mail or devices, when there is suspicion of another lover on the scene? ONLY an evolved person can not be tempted to do this. The personal space is like an invisible, but real barrier and cannot be violated. Now that is the test to see if you are evolved or not. But you can follow and hide, to see what is going on! Lol!

The example of why feeling love toward the perpetrator and ignoring the bad does not work, can be seen in the example of what is happening to the Buddhists, who are being eviscerated, alive, for their organs daily! In vans and the streets! They are as good as anyone could possibly become..... and has it done them any good against evil? Has their goodness changed anyone else, other than those who are already good people? Do we imagine the priests telling their attackers they love them? That they forgive them, in between their shrieks of pain? Are those priests a good example to the rest of us?

The truth is the truth, no matter how some want to sugar-coat it. Sorry, you will always get the truth from me and my life experiences are not ones many would have survived, n
ot emotionally, nor physically. When I publish my book (early in 2017) you will understand why. I cannot look at it all with sugar coating on it. The truth is ugly. Life can be ugly. But sometimes it can be beautiful and that is the bonus.

By Donni De-Ville

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