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This is something I hoped never to be writing. I hope like me, you can still feel optimistic as we never know what will transpire. I just want everyone to know what MIGHT happen, and just how much Obama and Hillary have been pushing President Putin. It seems he has no option but to do as he is doing. This tough man has held off for around six years after being pressured for war by the insane people we have running the American government.

This is no time for brevity. I am truly worried and this time cannot shake it off! I don't want to call wolf, but it may be my duty to try and warn people. After clicking the link and listening, you can decide for yourselves, but at least I have done my part!


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiZxFR8ZlRk BREAKING NEWS! We have to warn people please! On the verge of WAR! Mainstream media will not report it. If this does transpire into the horrific direction it seems to be going, it is only fair we know about it and give others a chance to have an inkling of the truth at least.


Before I continue with how I think this might go down, I want to say... and perhaps I speak for most of you...  If there is going to be this almighty war, using all types of new high-tech weapons, even chemical warfare, it would be best if we were to have a direct hit. As there is nothing we can do to prepare for such an event.

Most countries have emergency underground places, in case of terrible situations, and citizens have been practising drills, so they will know how to be safe when something like a catastrophic event happens.

Not so in this country, as only the evil ones have bunkers, even deep underground cities, and they have no intention of sharing them with us. These tunnels have been engineered as part of their barbarous plan towards them surviving our genocide. This info should not alarm those of us who have been listening to Alex Jones for the last 10 or less years, as we have grown to accept even if dreading it happening. I have listened to Alex for three years, and have had this absolute horror on my mind day and night, in my dreams, as soon as I awake, and when I try to sleep at night.

I love life. All life is so precious. I have not spent enough time with my husband of 11 years, nor enjoyed my fur babies enough as yet and I imagine your thoughts could be along the same lines too.

I have not fulfilled my lifelong dream, and my projects are still waiting. I hoped my wishes, along with those of millions of others for a peaceful, happy, loving, evil-free world with health, comfort and stability for everyone, would come true.

It may still work out well, if we are having supernatural help, which I often read about, with David Wilcock and Corey Goode. But, so far the progression of the Syrian war, Lybia, the immigrant crisis & all the consequences caused deliberately has been the plan to push along the genocide project. With the continuance of global suffering and deaths, all down to the USA Elite Illuminati, Jesuits, Marxists, Vatican and the Saudis, backing it all and encouraging their creation, ISIS, has been to cause instability and fear, worldwide. The intention is for us all to lose our sovereignty so they can gain control totally, and us not having any independence.  It seems as if we are doomed. And now the war is pointing at America.

Obama and Hillary Clinton have worked hard at instigating this potential tragedy, whilst putting out distraction after distraction. And Putin has worked hard at not complying with a war and in going against the New World Order. But the USA has gone too far and the threats toward Russia cannot be ignored any longer by Putin, who has to defend his country and people.  He has already been calling all his people back from wherever they are in the world.

Our government with all the anti-American people in charge have become quite insane. It has quickened their plans along with their mistakes, as they have desperately tried to take the brave Donald J. Trump down. They fear him being President as he will arrest them all and have their crimes assessed in court. He will also gain back jobs and make everyone’s life so much better, which is the opposite of their efforts over the many, many years.

So now it has become a life and death fear for the evil ones. Even Congress would know of the pushing toward war with Russia. But they are bought, bribed or threatened to comply, and they have not been able to impeach Obama, as a while back they were ordered by Obama, to give away all their power to him and his executive pen. They may have been paid to do that or blackmailed, but they became huge traitors!

Perhaps if it looked as if Hillary would easily walk into the Presidency, they would have allowed that, and just made all of our lives hell afterwards.  But it seems they suspect that won’t happen and decided drastic measures are called for, as this war instigation has been pushed way out of proportion.

We all knew about the rigged electoral machines, getting ‘dead’ people to vote, along with the illegals they let in being given a green card, citizenship, and the right to vote. We believe it’s going to make it difficult for Trump, but not impossible. Perhaps this is why their fear of failure has led them to this terrifying potential war prospect. Don’t forget, they think they can survive underground for as long as necessary, and when they eventually come back up, we’ll all be gone. They want to re-build our planet, using their saved slaves, to have the planet as they want or need it to be. You can guarantee it will be hideous like the evil which lurks inside all of them.

So, the plan could be….with the prospect of potential war, the elections will have to be suspended. They will expect riots and can then bring in the UN military and Martial law. They may think they can back off from the start of a war, if they have citizens where they want them, or else they might still want to go through with the war anyway, which will help get rid of a great deal of us. The rest of the killing they can do at their leisure.

Maybe they don’t mind the prospect of permanently being underground. We have heard, and seen videos of these underground places being like cities. There is a sun, I think two of them, huge areas, oceans and helicopters that can fly around down there too.  From what I’ve heard it sounds lovely, safe from the threat of meteorites and wayward planets coming too close, like Nibiru.

But there are others already living down there. Some are benevolent, but many are aggressive and the others keep away from those. They are expected to live in relative peacefulness, as they are all aware that trouble with neighbours could cause far too much damage.

Anyhow, I wrote this article just to put forward my thoughts that this plan to portray a possible, highly likely, war, would enable them to suspend elections, bring in UN military, take away the guns, call for Martial Law, and possibly push everyone into the Fema Camps, to be literally at their disposal. Or the war could escalate and we have to hope for the direct strike, to end it all speedily. None of us want to be casualties when there are no hospitals or emergency services.  Also, if our homes are hit, some people may volunteer to enter the Fema Camps. And as bad as that would be, the pain of being separated from loved ones might be too much.  I would prefer to curl up under a blanket or duvet, and slowly sink into slumber, shall we say.

So we have quite a bit to know about, in case any one of those things happen. But even though this is a possibility, we should still continue with faith and confidence that humanity will be allowed to continue and even thrive. That somehow, the Source Creator will think we are worth saving and do something to help and certainly protect Trump.

We still need to keep our vibrationary level as high as possible, which means (I know it sounds impossible) NOT to have fear, or stress. Not to allow the radio waves to change our emotions or get us down. To still only try to eat organic or safe food and water. To have spare, reserve or back-up items in case of not being able to shop or get any more. Have blankets ready, and battery powered lights. Keep medical supplies handy. Get as prepared as possible for a long siege, being holed up in your house, with defensive weapons handy in case of break-ins. Hopefully, you have already been preparing over many months and have studied books on survival.  Also, try to organize black-out curtains over all of your windows.

I know some of survival, but like others, have not had the time to do much about it. My optimism rode higher than the need to be overly ready. In my mind, even if a short while of no electricity, or fresh food, as long as we can remain in our homes, there will be life at the end of it. Especially, if Trump is still with us and taking over. He will give us hope to start again and know what to do. I hope the ones who rely on medication have stored as much as possible of their pills. Well, who knows, miracles do happen and just maybe this will be the case here, if we manage to get through a certain amount of time. We’ll need patience and might have to get used to no communication.

 At least the evil has been rooted out now, much of it due to Trump, and most of the evil ones have shown their hand. Hopefully, behind the scenes many people, military, intelligence, whistleblowers, etc., are working hard to defeat the 1or2% who are terrorizing us all worldwide. We may not suffer too much, even though a financial crash could still happen. We’ll have to do our best, and help whoever we can without setting ourselves up as targets for the idiots and unintelligent, who will be trolling around looking for whatever they can get their hands on.

I hope this article has helped in some way. You might want to read another article I wrote, on how to help Trump using our positivity and sending out good thoughts and wishes to him. Click this link; http://www.dialoguewithdonni.com/Stories/readchapter.aspx?cid=28  Or go to STORIES……. in this site.

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Good luck to us all, and may Jesus pop in to see us, (as happened to me once) or perhaps the Source Creator, will be with us, doing his good work in exterminating the evil ones, instead of his being absent and making  more Universes!

Stay safe!

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