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MERRY CHRISTMAS!Smoke a cigar with me?

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~Donni De-Ville ~

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~WHO AM I? ~

  A Brit, who has lived in America for 11yrs+ and a staunch patriot. Married to a Chicagoan. I'm a trained nurse, professional, published novelist and ex-pro music performer & portrait artist ~ I love JUSTICE, followers of Jesus's example by good works & thoughts, not particularly religious, but very spiritual with love & respect for all decent, moral, compassionate, helpful 'Good-Samaritan' type people who are open-minded; Atheist, Christian or in be-tweenies.

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  An ex-husband became a best seller with his book; The Nemesis File. It was a memoir of his time as an Assassin with the British Army, in one of their SAS Assassination Squads. I feel this worthy of mentioning, due to the shocking news releases of current events worldwide, but mainly, in America.

Many secrets can no longer to be kept under wraps as more horrors are being exposed almost daily. We should support all living beings, and be concerned about protecting our only home; 'Earth.' To cause suffering like this will mean we will be punished with Mother Nature's backlash.

Sometimes, it feels like its too late to save our good people and the planet. The perpetrators who have caused all this grief through their absolute greed will cause their own doom, very likely, alongside ours. 

~ We All Need a Miracle. ~  

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  I comment on various breaking stories & articles. The category titles are in the Menu Bar.' Hopefully, readers will communicate and participate through the forum here.
This site is for informed reading and public interaction, with the new Spiritual Group threads.

 If you like reading mystery, thriller stories, check out my great novel ~ 'Into the Lyons Den' ~ Paperback & eBook,

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Viv, at 35 years old, searches for love but found the dating agency brought excitement, danger and heartbreak instead.
3D characters readers easily become involved with. Fast moving, compassionate and racy: a semi-soft, erotic mystery/thriller that is almost impossible to put down.

A must read for all fans of thrillers and mysteries or anyone hungry for something unique and exciting.

You can find a great deal more of my interesting and humorous stories, including my autobiography in my other site:www.donnideville.com

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  "I would love followers, male and female, of any age, to write a comment in the forum sharing a problem being faced, or of whatever is emotionally troubling. Sharing difficult situations can help others who are going through the same awful time. I will reply with my response to each comment. You do not need to use your real name to sign up....But we do need a valid email address from you, as the site responds for confirmation.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.... 
Thanks! Donni De-Ville    


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  I invite you to click on links in this site to read the Articles/Stories/Updates and then to have dialogue with me on them, and with other readers, by using the forum to converse, sometimes in REAL time, like messenger! Best comments (or excerpts from letters, with the writers permission only) will be posted on the 'Readers Letters' page.

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 Just click the first song to hear our recordings and it should keep going through all of them. My husband is the drummer ..... I play guitar and sing.

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02: 17 Times
             07: Sweet Thing 
                 08: Hold Back the Night Are originals. ENJOY! (Songs to be re-recorded with piano & double bass very soon.)

PERSONAL MESSAGE: I have undergone ill health, but about to shake that off & hope your support in visiting this site, will gain popularity & a terrific following! We have to get our message out!
This is the difference between living in a fantastic, peaceful, loving world, or with continuation of evil and going downhill FAST!
Let's stop this snowball together! Let like minds meet up here regularly! Let's help those 'who can' change the world, to do so! Thanks, to all new friends!
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NO animal who is not 'terminally suffering' ought to be euthanised! STOP THE PUPPY MILLS! Let's save lives!

ALL LIVES ARE PRECIOUS, all living creatures,(except mosquitoes, & nasty attackers.)

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